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Mission: Impossible III Scene Analysis

Mission: Impossible IIIAm I the Only One Who Liked It?
So one thing seems certain among a few others in our wonderful Physics in Film class. The general consensus among them is that M:I:3 is "meh" at best. Me personally, I felt that the movie was the step in the right direction for the franchise, as later films in the series such as Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation only got better and better. However, that's not to say it's the magnum opus of the franchise, as there are definitely deeply rooted flaws in the film. One of these flaws, of course, being the physics and inner workings of each action set piece. The film attempts to justify some of these stunts by using mathematical and physical terminology, but the execution just blows it all out of the water. Today, we're gonna take a look at three of these laws-of-physics-breaking scenes riddled with in a somewhat divisive film. Geronimo.
Scene 1: George of the Concrete Jungle

First, let's start off with arguably …

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